How to Complain in A Restaurant Without Causing A Scene

How to Complain in A Restaurant Without Causing A Scene

Wade Carson May 21, 2021

Who doesn’t love eating outdoor? Everyone loves to enjoy a meal out their beloved restaurant. It’s an opportunity to get dressed up and have someone else prepare and cook your meals. For most, it’s an enjoyable experience and one that goes without a hitch. Unfortunately, there may come a time where your meal or dining experience isn’t how you planned and calls for you to complain. There are several ways for you to do this, but there are only a few ways to do so without causing a scene. So, how can you complain in a restaurant without embarrassing your fellow diners (or yourself)?

When You Spot Something’s Wrong, Act Immediately

A lot of consumers aren’t happy with their meal but don’t complain until after they’ve ate it. Now, while you’re within your rights to complain about the food, it’s often better – and easier – to complain when you first spot the issue. Whether it’s an issue with your meal or with restaurant hygiene, it’s important to act immediately. For example, if your gourmet burger arrives cold, attract the attention of the waiter or waitress and tell them immediately. They can then rectify the situation without causing a fuss or a scene. Waiting until after you’ve consumed the meal doesn’t offer the chance for the restaurant to satisfy you so it’s always better to alert them as soon as you can. Learn more!

Keep a Calm Tone and Be Polite

It doesn’t matter if you’re eating outdoor or inside in the restaurant, there is never an excuse or reason to be irate. So, whenever you attract the attention of the waiter or talk to them, try to be as polite and calm as you can. For instance, if you received the wrong drinks order, calmly wait to attract the attention of the nearest waiter. Once they arrive at your table, you calmly and politely say you received the wrong order and explain which drink you did order. More likely the waiter will apologize and take away the drink. In this instance, everyone was calm and there was no scene caused. This is the best way to complain without any fuss being made.

Accept the Reply If You’re in the Wrong

While most restaurants follow the adage, the customer is always right, however, there may be a time when you’re actually in the wrong. For example, a customer could forget to request to remove a particular item from a dish. When the dish comes, the customer complains and finds out that it’s exactly what was ordered. Some, out of embarrassment would cause a huge scene and yell about being treated unfairly. However, if it’s a genuine mistake on your part, say you’re sorry and that you honestly thought you’d ordered the item without certain things. If you’re complaining about the restaurant hygiene, again, it’s important to respond calmly.

However, even if you’re convinced you were in the right, try not to blow the incident out of proportion. Accept the response, say you disagree and then pay for your meal. You have the option not to visit the restaurant again. While you may be tempted to leave a bad review online, try to think about the incident later and objectively. What’s more, it’s important to understand that even if you are in the right, you mightn’t receive any discount or free orders. Eating outdoor or in a loud restaurant could make it harder to be heard so you should react calmly to any situation.

Think Before You Act

It’s frustrating when your dining experience doesn’t live up to expectations and you’re left genuinely unhappy. In the rarest of cases, you won’t want to continue with your meal, but even so, you have to react reasonably to the situation. Sometimes, it’s better to take a moment to think about what went wrong, and how you could best rectify the situation without causing a scene. More often than not, a polite word to the waiter the next time he or she arrives at the table will get the problem resolved. Whether you have issues with restaurant hygiene or a wrong food order, be polite, calm, and respectful of the restaurant and waiting staff; it’ll help avoid a scene. For more details read our article: