CBD In Food: Is It Safe (And Legal) To Eat?

CBD In Food: Is It Safe (And Legal) To Eat?

Wade Carson July 14, 2020

So you may have already heard about CBD and all of the many benefits that it can offer you for your health. You may already be filled with a desire to try it, no matter the reasoning behind your decision. But you may have not found some of the most important information of all: is it safe (and legal) to eat? In this article, we are going to go over some of the basic questions that you may have about CBD and if it is legal or not.

What is CBD?

CBD is the second major active ingredient in the hemp plant. CBD boasts all of the same pros as THC, but without any of the cons. It promotes a calm and relaxing feeling whilst not getting you high. It has been shown to reduce inflammation, to help manage pain and to reduce anxiety and to help reduce the effects of depression. CBD is very accessible to many people due to how many ways exist as to how to take it: it can be ingested in foods, eaten in gummy form, you can vape it, you can even ingest it in oil form.read more about CBD at https://bespokeextracts.com/

What can CBD be used for?

As stated before, CBD can be used for a number of reasons, and studies are continuously held to investigate more possible things that it can help with. At the moments studies have shown connections between taking CBD and the following: a reduction in the onset of symptoms in neurological disorders, reduction in inflammation, the reduction of seizures in epilepsy patients, the ability to manage symptoms of anxiety, depression and stress, the ability to manage pain better and also there are primary studies showing that taking CBD can also reduce and slow the development of cancer in the body.

Is CBD infused food legal?

Whilst industrial hemp has finally been decriminalised in the United States the FDA still maintains that products that contain CBD cannot claim to have therapeutic benefits unless they have been approved by the FDA for that specific use. It is also illegal to promote CBD containing products as dietary supplements. So why can you still see products in shops that have CBD in the? This is because it is not a criminal offense to be selling products with CBD and therefore the worst that can happen to a company selling them is that they would have to take the product off of their shelves. More details.

To sum things up, CBD is a substance that offers a wide range of benefits whilst not being psychoactive at the same time. There is a range of products that contain CBD and so you are bound to find something that suits you. However, as with anything, before taking CBD you should always consult a medical professional first to see if it is right for you and that it won’t affect any of the medicine that you may already be taking for any other conditions.